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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@flwino posted:

Thanks for finding the quote

Exactly...thanks for finding the quote...and exactly as I stated...the governor said you can leave them on if you want to.  You seem more worried about saying "these" words to CHILDREN than teaching gender identity to K - 3rd Grade. 

Some of you here are an odd group of people...cannot fathom the way you think.  You certainly stay in your "camps" without deviation no matter how outlandish they are.

I'm a semi- liberal conservative but I would love for anyone to defend / explain the following of the current admins stance:

Border policy

Afghan Exit

Build Back Better (stupid name)

Plan to defeat Covid (More Deaths under Biden than Trump After vaccines and theraputicals)

Ending of Keystone and a terrible energy policy

End of Operation Legend

Vaccine Mandates

Additional $1.9 Trillion on "Covid" relief leading to massive inflation