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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@g-man posted:

Do you even understand the science of why some folks say "masks do not work?"

you do realize that every study has been discussing viral load as one of the primary causes of infection right?

When you're working with dry wall, does a mask keep out every single dry wall particle?  Do you forgo the mask anyway just because it's not 100% effective?

You do realize if a mask was 100% effective at keeping any particles out of your respiratory system, you'd die of suffocation right?

Yeah I think so....pretty much summed it up in my opening sentence:

"It is proven that masks do not work (due to the type / the way people wear them)"

You missed that part?     No one is stopping anyone from wearing a mask on  a plane or anywhere else.  Want to wear one, go ahead.  But mandating a "face covering" is pointless...