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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@napacat posted:

So let your kids wear a mask...they need to be mandated to do so?

Hey zero for brains!  You are REQUIRED by law to have all kinds of shots before you go to school.  So try explaining how this is different.  Will not look for your dumb answer, as you have none,

We have over 500 students tested positive this week in school, and they just started class.  ICU beds are full!  Some teachers have died.

Wake up and smell the roses, but you need to get the nose away from two folks butts - Ron and the Dumpster.

As for the Ron Di ass ter  he feel it is better to treat than prevent, of course he receive $5 million for the jerk that owns the pharm company.

According to The New York Times, deaths from Covid-19 in Florida have increased 123% over the last two weeks. Who's clapping now?
The Point: Masking DOES NOT have to be a political issue. It is a public health matter. Except politicians like De ass tis can't seem to grasp that fact. Or just don't want to, nor do you.

Gimme a break

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