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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@drtannin 2 posted:

Haven't posted much over 20 years here, but:

Let's celebrate the genius of Charles Darwin!!

The Darwin Award for 2021 goes to them all; as preventable individual risk leads to continued personal and local financial toll on them most of all, as perpetual risk will affect preferentially these areas' businesses and tourism.

Go Mets

Studies show roughly 20-30% of hospital workers remain unvaccinated. That includes people who don't actively care for patients, but the divide between those that got vaccinated and those that didn't, is along similar socioeconomic and education lines as in the country as a whole.  I suspect, as with the flu, hospitals will mandate vaccines, or, if refused, mandate masking and gloving within the grounds proper. And other staff, will know who they are...the masks telltale of the unstuck.

This is actually already legally upheld based on prior casework; mandated vaccination for the flu has successfully been challenged by few, mostly on religious grounds, but the far greater impact/ severity of COVID disease to the medical-hospital system will likely give any challenges to mandates little leeway and less viability.  Stay tuned.

In vino veritas