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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@mangiare posted:

I am not overstating.  Just stating the facts.

It’s interesting that when it may affect you, It’s draconian.  Our leaders have taken away the right to work for millions of people, what would you call that?

My family in downtown Rome are not allowed to leave their apartment together.  One at a time and only for essentials for one hour max ie not Costco or ikea. Fines are given regularly and you will be stopped and questioned.

if we’re going to get ahead before the vaccine more needs to be done

or just open it right up and say f-it.  

M, are you suggesting we should do what you say is happening in Rome and force people to stay in their homes for the months it will take for everyone to get the vaccine?  Is that what is happening in Italy?  If so, is the government giving them money as our government is doing, for many if not most?

As for me, the current shutdown doesn't affect me much at all, actually, as I'm retired.  So it's not so draconian for me.