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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@bman posted:

Testing would serve no purpose given the delays in results.  Those in quarantine are monitored regularly by phone and knocks on the door.  I'm not aware of any other democratic country doing things any differently than are we.  The British strain was always going to arrive here at some point, just as Covid-19 arrived everywhere.  We're doing what we can.

bman, I have to disagree with you here.  Both provincial and federal governments have mismanaged this beyond comprehension.  

if they were actually serious about people not seeing each other and travelling, they would have banned flying, imposed curfews, and actually done something as they have in many European countries.  Spain and Italy were actually looking ok until they dropped their guards over the summer. Our ‘leaders’ have closed small business for 2 months and asked people nicely not to get together.  Judging by the cases, an absolute colossal failure. Go to any construction site, manufacturing plant, factory, and even large office and many protocols are not being followed, if at all.  How do you move and install large items (appliances, fireplaces, furnaces, plumbing, electrical??) and remain 6 feet apart? Costco, ikea, and Walmart are packed beyond comprehension????? Only our ‘leaders’ created this. They went for the low hanging fruit to appease the public and make it look like they were doing something when closing small business.

path of least resistance  

I can tell you from personal experience that many are not following these suggested guidelines. (Notice I didn’t call them rules)  People are travelling across the country and south to all the Caribbean countries.  Many cases are being attributed to family members picking up relatives at the airport before their ‘quarantine’
Guess what? It’s allowed so it can’t be that bad and I don’t disagree with them at all.  If the government was serious they would literally shut down and impose curfews but......but you may piss off the real $

And for the snowbirds, it’s very ease to ship a car to Florida for $1500 and just fly.