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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@vint posted:

Bman, apparently the Canada cases were linked to UK travel after all. From an article on the G&M website today:

Two communities in Ontario and one in British Columbia now have confirmed cases of a COVID-19 variant that has spread rapidly in Britain and forced the government there to impose more severe lockdowns.

However, Ontario officials said Sunday the cases are connected to travel, rather than community spread — correcting information first provided on Saturday. A couple that was diagnosed with the new variant provided more information to contact tracers, and said they had met with a recent traveller to the United Kingdom.

full article:

Interesting.  I stand corrected.  But still, the variant of the virus is gonna come here and everywhere else, I expect.  It's just the way it is regardless of the precautions we might take.  And I bet it won't be the last variant we see either.

We and others have a long way to go yet before life resumes any semblance of normal. 

On another matter, guess what I got for Christmas from my son!!!!