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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@thistlintom posted:

You know very little about my views on Trump but you make a lot of assumptions.  The biggest problem is with the attitudes of those who are on the left side, for example gman’s response to my post which is very childish.  Seems like some people can post their views in any manner they like, but cannot accept criticisms of people on their side of the aisle.  Can you tell me that Cuomo’s orders for nursing homes to take Covid patients were reasonable and didn’t have any impact on the deaths of thousands of people in nursing homes who died from the virus?  Cuomo fucked up and won’t take ANY responsibility for what happened.  I don’t need to be from New York to see that.

you sure about that?

you seem to assume I'm on the "left".  I've worked on wall st for over 20 years.  I seriously doubt anybody i know has considered me "left".

The local papers here all rile against Cuomo. But do you know exaclty how many of the deaths were attributed to patients treated and released back into nursing homes vs those who got it from relatives visiting in the first place without PPEs?  

You don't.  I will tell you that the visitations and nurses without PPEs was a vastly larger issue vs patients treated, tested and put back into nursing homes.

So no, TT, you don't know the details.  You are doing a 900000000 mile view of something you just don't have enough details on.  It has nothing to do with "criticism".  Proper critique has data, analysis, informed commentary to back it up.  What you're saying is simply off the cuff opinion that anyone off the street can make a snide remark about.  You can't possibly expect anybody with a brain/not a sheep to accept.

oh and hte "I used to be from NY"  is about as lame as "I understand asian culture cuz I married an asian woman".  I was born in Wisconsin.  I know some parts, and while I like drinking Miller, I don't know much about what happened in the past 40 years in Wisconsin to consider myself a Wisconsinite.  but I will relent.  if you were from NY, you should take me telling you to fuck off in stride.  Cuz you know, that's what we New Yawkers do.

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