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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@The Old Man posted:

I'm beginning to think the only way forward is what I was thinking, but did not post, at the beginning of February. If you're 60 and up, try hard to stay home. If you're 70 and up, only go out for emergencies. If you're 80 and up you do not go out ever. And of course if you have compromised immune system or other disabilities you should stay home.

And here it comes, the rest of the public goes out, if they wish, opening up businesses and trying to maintain the best hygiene practices and other suggestions from scientists.

Businesses also would have the option of not opening until they feel it's safe. There'd have to be some law prohibiting liability lawsuits because the individual would sign a waiver, or whatever is required, to show that they are accepting responsibility.

I believe places like amusement parks, resorts and casino resorts are going to have a very hard time opening this year.

And Bill Maher said it about bowling alleys: It was always disgusting sticking your fingers in there and putting on those well used shoes.

This.  Precisely.  Also, employees/parents need accommodations to continue to work from home for so long as schools and day cares are closed.  Or simply if you don't feel safe going out and are able to do your job from home.  

If you're immunocompromised or older stay home.  Not to quote the orange menace, but I fear we're getting to the point where the cure is worse than the disease.