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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

purplehaze posted:

This just in, from an acquaintance of mine and the father of a classmate of my eldest granddaughter, the incomparable Gene Weingarten.  It's a bit long, but WELL worth the read:

I had an idea for how to stop the idiots from demonstrating,  cheek to jowl, for the right to die of Covfefe-1, and, by gum, spread it to your grandma, too.   Or if it won't stop them, it will at least play with their heads a bit, and maybe make some of them second guess themselves, and realize they just might be helpfully culling their own herd. 

So.  Bear with me.  

Create a good-looking website, as described below.  

For each planned rally, assemble two or three people dressed as health workers, in hospital scrubs, masks, and pretty elaborate haz-mat type gear.   Have them hand out pamphlets.  The pamphlets should be impressive: professionally done on decent paper.   They should be respectful, and read something like this:

We are health care professionals conducting a study on the spread of Covid-19.  We respect your constitutionally guaranteed right to assemble.  We are not passing judgment on this protest event.  But for the sake of medical science, we are looking to gather data on whether this sort of assembly, in defiance of recommended norms, might contribute to the spread of the virus. We are seeking valid data, and have no preconceived notions.  Below is a website we have created for this purpose.   May we ask you to contact us if you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 18 days of this meeting?  Symptoms include a sustained fever of 100 degrees or higher, a dry cough, conjunctivitis ("pinkeye") worrisome sustained lethargy, or any combination of these symptoms.   We also ask you to share this correspondence with at least one loved one in case you cannot contact us yourselves because your symptoms are incapacitating or fatal.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


Here are some thoughts on herd immunity from San Diego MD Paul Saladino.

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