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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

napacat posted:
The Old Man posted:

I don't like just linking things, but here's Napa's fellow nitwits at work.

Heroes of the Pandemic

Nice...the very newsworthy Trevor Noah.  Since Jon Stewart left and then John Oliver...this show is unwatchable.

Wow. What did this have to do with Noah? That it was on his show? It was simply a string of lies and misstatements from your hero and his minions. Typical Napa attempt at deflection.

Oh yeah, here's your guy, "In 2015, Katz wrote two positive reviews in his Huffington Post blog for a science fiction book that he had published under a pseudonym, without disclosing that he was the author of the book; Huffington Post retracted the posts."

What is the point of debating or responding to you? You are so shockingly stupid it just isn't worth the time.

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