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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

patespo1 posted:
napacat posted:
The Old Man posted:

Napa, I think you and your fellow deep thinkers need to make a stand. There have only been "$1k deaths" (interesting slip there since we know for you, in regard to Trump, it's all about the Benjamins.) So you and your like-minded friends need to get together and have protests about this. March shoulder to shoulder. Have big beach parties. Jam together as many of those who know the MSM is blowing this out of proportion. You guys know the truth, so don't listen to the state authorities and scientists. Put your trust in the president who, "really gets his stuff." And be sure to fill those pews. It's already been more than a month since Trump wanted them packed for Easter. So what's the problem? As much as possible I want you, and your Trump supporting friends, to be liberated. So get out there and enjoy and screw everybody else!

You are tiring Old Man....why make it a political post.  Mine was not political.  Look at the stories coming out about how many people have had it / may have it and have mild symptoms or may not even know.  Factor all that in and the mortality rate is going way down.  We need to protect the elderly and those with an underlying condition...but we have to get back on our feet.

Listening to people who say we could be shut down for three months plus is just insane. 

I highly recommend you go to NYC / Boston / NOLA  and volunteer at one of the hospitals.  You're not worried right, since you're not 'high risk'?  

Nice post...I am not a trained healthcare professional so I would just be in the way.  There was a NY doctor who posted a video that advised on how to avoid the virus (or mitigate it as best as possible).  We all need to take a little bit more personal responsibility and get the country moving.  The numbers just do not make sense.  You're tiring as well.