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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

napacat posted:
The Old Man posted:

So sad to see San Diegans participating in a "fuck you society" protest today. Think of the health care workers, food bank volunteers, the grocery store personnel who never thought they would be expected to risk their lives to scan bananas--they are making it worse for them and all of us. Another thing you can thank the "liberator" in chief for inflaming.

How long should your state be closed for?  You have almost 40 Million people in CA and roughly 29k positive cases in the sate with slightly more than $1k deaths (which is of course tragic that anyone had to die due to these circumstances).

CA doesn’t reside at the low end of the range of cases/deaths per million residents by luck and willful ignorance.  Those numbers were achieved by being the first state to start implementing shelter in place policies on a regional basis, which subsequently became statewide.  The medical community here isn’t as overwhelmed as NYC or Louisiana, but everyone I know who are medical personnel that go into hospitals whenever they work (which includes immediate family members) are on edge and wearing as much PPE as possible.  My sister is an MD, and by the time she’s done getting ready to go to the hospital for her shift(s), she looks more like an asbestos abatement professional than a doctor.  

There is no vaccine yet available, no verified drug regimen proven to help those who tested positive to recover, and woefully inadequate testing supplies (thus a decent likelihood that there are a significant number of asymptomatic carriers who can still transmit the virus to others).  Until we have positive movement in all those three areas I just mentioned, COVID-19 is going to be with us for awhile.  This is NOT like Spanish flu, which resulted in a quick demise (plenty of anecdotal evidence of people becoming sick in the morning, and passing away before nightfall) and a small percentage of survivors amongst those who were afflicted. 

This has taken a horrific toll on the business communities everywhere here.  But most Californians still want to abide by health experts, rather than incompetent politicians 2500 miles away, to provide guidance on when we should start reopening the state.

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