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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

jabe11 posted:
jburman82 posted:

Canceled a ski trip to steamboat. VRBO refused to issue a refund for our condo at the instruction of the seller. Called AMEX and got them to do a charge back. Refund already credited. Never use VRBO. 



I guarantee you , no matter what you lose or may lose on a single booking, it is exponentially worse for us hosts.  AirBNB and VRBO are kicking us to the curb, and in one concrete instance (likely many more), they are telling customers disinformation (i.e. told a customer that we had refused a cancellation/refund when we had a) not received a penny of the payment and b) ok'd the cancellation.  It is shady all around with them, no help on the phone or on hlep chats, and likley no mortgage forgiveness.  We are truly on our own.  It will eat through our liquid capital mighty quickly and if we need to, last case, dip into depressed 401ks or TSP plans.

Despite this, we are better off than most as my wife is off with full pay (teacher) and I am working remotely.  Doubly fortunate, I am switching careers from the construction industry, which is not far from a collapse (albeit, no where near as severe as the service sector), to the defense industry, a critical industry and a contract that stipulates tele-work is allowed.

More importantly is the health and safety of my family. My son has mild asthma, and i couldn't care less about losing a house if something were to happen to him (or my daughter or wife).  I will be able to buy another house, but not another child.

Jabe, I hope you and your family stay well. I have no ill will towards the owners. I get it they are screwed too. This has just taught me a lesson to use Marriott or Hilton where I have status and got refunds for trips with a simple phone call. Sometimes bigger is better.

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