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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

The Old Man posted:
robsutherland posted:

Why are some people calling it the "Wuhan virus"? It has a proper name, it has a common name. There is no place for a xenophobic name.

We're all better than this

I hope you're not including the bigot in chief who proudly calls it the "Chinese virus"--he's not.

Not sure he calls it the Chinese virus. He keeps saying it comes from somewhere called, Gyna? (J-eye-nuh) Isn't that part of a woman's nether regions?

In other news, yes, our bars and restaurants are closed here, too. Good thing I'm well stocked. However, I hear that they are on the verge of closing our borders to international travel. Purely selfish reason, but that will kill my annual trip to Puerto Vallarta next month, and I'm not guaranteed to recoup my losses if I cancel.

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