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Reply to "Contest"

@purplehaze posted:

I hereby cancel this contest due to lack of interest. 

The wines that were on offer:

1982 Calon Segur

2000 Barolo Conterno Fantino Sori Ginestra 

1983 Graham's Port

2001 and 2002 Neal Family Cabernet

2001 J. J .Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese

A Le Cadeau Gift Package of 3 bottles

I'm discouraged. I hoped that at least a few lurkers would have crossed the Rubicon.  Buncha wimps.  Marvin... back to you.




I'll tell you what, when this is all over at some point maybe I'll come to DC; you find a restaurant walking distance from the Sofitel, we'll open some great wines and discuss your wimp out.

P.S.  The JJ Prum is an entirely separate class of wine than the others you've listed, imo.



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