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This post was inspired by recent posts in the "Is this forum dead," thread.

I propose a contest.  I will give away a wonderful bottle of wine and pay for shipping to the poster who:

- Has been registered here for at least 6 months with no commercial posts as of today.

- Posts a new topic in this thread that is relevant to wine in any way.

- Responds in her/his new thread with thoughtful content.

- Is a hot, single female who lives on the East Coast.  

Ok... 3 out of 4 will qualify.  Contest starts today.  Ends on September 15, 2020.

Since I alone can't fix it, I'll post another thread for the forumites to decide the winner on September 16.  In case of a tie, I alone will determine the winer.

Wine to be shipped in cool weather.  

Categories where I can provide the winner a bottle:


Italy (the three Bs)

Portugal (Port)




No... you can't have any of my Champagne. Shag off, Festiva!!!

Game on.




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