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Reply to "Complex Rosé"

I love their reds and Tempier's rosé is very good, but too expensive for me. Coincidentally the 2018 was released here by our gubmint monopoly for CDN$42 (US$32).

LDH. If a partially oxidized rosé is complex, I'll take simple please. I've only had one vintage of this wine so I don't know if that's the way it's always made or if it's just all over the map inconsistent like their white rioja(s). It could just be because they release it 10+ years after the vintage. I have little tolerance for wines made in an oxidized style anymore. I realize this is heresy to many who love this winery.

Speaking of heresy. GregT

"I've decided that the best use of the Pinot Noir grape is to make rosé."

Some of my favourite rosés

Domaine La Suffrene, Bandol

Domaine Bunan, Bandol, Mas de la Rouvière

Tardieu-Laurent, Tavel

Domaine De La Mordorée, Tavel (borderline on price for me now)