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Reply to "Complex Rosé"

The I had a Tempier last night. A long-standing favorite and go-to for me and many other wine lovers I know. The price is a little steep for what it is, though ($48).  Peach pits, nectarine fuzz, strawberry and stems, maybe some red apple skin, all while being perfectly dry. 

But my actual favorite from that region is Chateau Pradeaux. Less well known than Tempier and only $30. Probably my second-favorite overall.  Usually little earthier than Tempier.

My overall favorite is probably Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva.  Which, if you hit it at the right moment, you can get at a very decent price.  Otherwise it is astronomically expensive and not worth it at all.  (Seriously.  Like, the difference between $40 and $200.)

 I’m also a fan of Batic rose.  (Really, all the Batic wines.)

Strictly speaking, Edoardo Valentini makes a rose I adore, but it is so freakishly expensive for a still rose that I never buy it.

 I also like Chateau Musar Rose, but it suffers from the Tempier problem. $50 isn’t a great value proposition for it, imo.  

In general, my favorite still roses come from Provence and the Rhone.  But Italy and Spain both have many good examples I’ve tried.  (And obviously Slovenia and Lebanon, as well.)  Even Germany has some good examples.  I’m sorry I don’t recall more names.  These are frequently purchased as one-offs on hot summer days.


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