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Reply to "Complex Rosé"

I think the key is to stay away from Grenache-based versions. That's probably heresy to most people, but after having tried many dozens over the past two years, I've decided that the best use of the Pinot Noir grape is to make rosé. Frequently an unsatisfying red wine, pick it a little early and it can make a wonderful pink wine!

We've had a few from Austria, Germany, France, and of course the US and they tend to have better acidity and none of that melon/bubblegum character that so many others have.

I suppose that melon/bubblegum taste is exactly what appeals to many people, but it's a turn -off to me.

We also like versions made from Zweigelt and Cab Franc, and any number we've had from Italy.  A few, and not expensive at all, are:

Pratsch (Austria) Zweigelt

Red Car (Sonoma) Pinot Noir

Gloria Ferrar (Sonoma) Pinot Noir

Poggio delle Grazie (Italy) Corvina / Rondinella blend

Tercero (Santa Barbara) Mourvedré



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