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Complex Rosé

I tried to do a search for previous posts on this subject, but the forum's search capabilities... 🙄 👎🏻

I had a brief conversation last night with VinT about rosés: how they're a hot topic when the weather is hot, and how so many of them are simple, sweet strawberry juice.

So what serious, dry, complex rosés would you recommend? I'll start the ball rolling with a couple:

Vini Rabasco Vino Rosato La Salita
Vini Rabasco Abruzzo Selezione Damigiana

Both with a ton of complexity and depth.

I have also purchased the 2016 Valentini Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo but have yet to open one. D'Agata thinks it's age-worthy so I'm going to let them sit for a year or so more.

Aaaand.... go.

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