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Reply to "College Football 2020"

Honest opinions sought. I don't watch very much college football so I have a limited data set.

Two years ago when I watched Lawrence play as a Freshman I though it was the best performance I'd seen by a Freshman QB in a situation against top teams.  He clearly outplayed Tau in the Championship game.  He was far from perfect, with lots of small flaws but far ahead of what one would expect from a true Freshman QB.   Against the top teams in the country with NFL talent all over the defense he played well above his age and experience

Last year he had a poor game against LSU and was outplayed by Burrows.  I didn't think a lot of it, mainly because I caught about a 1/3 of the game.

Against Ohio State I got to watch almost all of the game.  My first thought was WTF?  He doesn't look any better than he did two years ago, like he's been in limbo for two years with no improvement in any area.  Good QB, but essentially the same product he was as a Freshman.

Those of you who read the NFL thread know that I have a serious 'dig' against QB's coming out of top programs that you really have no to very little useful game film on how they will perform under NFL pass rushes.  Watching Burrows last year he was mixed against Clemson.  He could get the ball out under 2.5 seconds, but he also held for 4-6 seconds a lot. 

Both Fields and Lawrence held the ball with good options far longer than they could in an NFL game.  It's a hard, hard habit to break.  You end up dead, or like Prescott or Mariota, with lots of 3 yard scrambles and tons of sacks.  You also get a lot of yards because you're behind all the time.

I watched Nick Starkel the most this year at San Jose State, and I don't think he's a top 5 round draft prospect next year, but the ball does come out under 3 seconds consistently.  That's what made Herbert such a great pick, he didn't have that habit to break.

I have no doubt the way these things go that Lawrence and Fields will go 1-2.  Given that means coaching from the Jags and Jets it could turn out really badly for both of them.

So did I miss something?  Was that just a middling performance by Lawrence?  Has he shown more improvement than I saw in that limited data set?