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Reply to "College Football 2020"

@scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

This has been a crazy year with the COVID postponing games, moving venues, opt outs by players and other unforeseen events. Fortunately, most of the games were played. Despite all of this craziness, CFB is still the same, Alabama and Clemson. These two concurrent dynasties are once again on a title collision course. I expect the 30 for 30 documentary on this any time now, at least part 1.

When the playoff picks are announced I expect it to be Bama, Clemson, Ohio St and Notre Dame. The top two are hoping it's the Irish and not Texas A&M. Earlier I said the best five teams were Bama, Clemson, A&M, Florida and Georgia and I still believe it. However, with the SEC knocking each other off you had to put other teams in the playoff.

After last week's debacle Gator fans were wondering how bad the SEC Game would be. The pundits all said they needed a perfect game to beat the Tide in the 10th overall meeting in this game. This was the 11th time Florida has played in Atlanta in the SEC Game and the first time that I was not there in person. It turns out that the Gators were indeed almost perfect as they came back from a 17 point halftime deficit to lose 52-46. The stars showed as Mac Jones, Najee Harris and DeVonta Smith had big games but so did Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts and Kadarious Toney. I was proud of the Gators and surprised they kept it close, but never happy to lose.

Does missing Trevor Lawrence mean anything? Uh duh yeah. Notre Dame has had some good years but they just are not the elite team that they think they are. To be fair and despite their tradition, ND is a rigorous academic institution and probably does not engage in the "recruiting practices" of many other schools. Clemson won this game easily 34-10.

The other championship games saw Ohio St overcome a sluggish start to beat Northwestern 22-10. Justin Fields has not played well against the two decent teams he has seen. Oregon bested USC 31-24 in the Pac 12 game. Oklahoma may be better now than a couple of playoff teams and they beat Iowa St 27-21 to win the Big 12. COVID struck again cancelling the Sun Belt title game so Coastal ends the regular season 11-0.

We can discuss the playoffs and fired coaches tomorrow.

Bama, A&M, Florida, and Georgia?  As my son likes to say, 'SEC bias'

As a Buckeye fan I have severe doubts about the secondary against Clemson WRs.  That being said would love to see Dabo get that stupid, condescending smirk smacked off of his face in this revenge game from last years playoffs.