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Reply to "College Football 2020"

Weekend Summary

You have dreams, fairy tales, rags to riches stories and then you have the magical and improbable 2020 season for Coastal Carolina. I am positive that the odds of CCU being 10-0, beating 2 ranked teams (one more than Ohio St) well exceeded 1,000-1 before the season started. The Chants were picked to be last in their division preseason. Then the whirlwind events of last week when Liberty cancelled and BYU agreed to come cross country since they desperately needed a game against a quality opponent. Well, they got one as the 11 point underdog Chants won a 22-17 thriller as they stopped BYU on the one yard line as the game ended. For a school with a national baseball title, this could be their great achievement. And as put eloquently by ESPN's Marty Smith (a frequent Grand Strand visitor), it is not the first time that a Cougar has come to Myrtle Beach and left disappointed.

On to the playoff picture as all in the chase won last weekend.

Alabama - in even of they lose a close one to Florida in the SEC game.

Notre Dame - good chance of being in unless they are blown out by Clemson in the ACC game. The league knows this and cancelled some games in order to insure that both teams are not upset beforehand.

Clemson - needs to beat ND and should, but it will be closer than most think.

Ohio St - needs to play games and Michigan may not comply. Then up to the committee.

Texas A & M - probably needs a Clemson blowout, a Bama win, or Ohio St either losing or not playing enough games.

Florida - needs to beat Bama which this Gator fan views unlikely.

Cincinnati - needs chaos