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Reply to "College Football 2019"

scbeerman posted:

Want to have some real fun, here goes:

BCS Era - choose two between Ohio St, LSU and Clemson

Pre BCS Era for us older folks -

Conference tie in to bowls would have Ohio St to Rose to face either Oregon or Utah, Orange would likely pit Clemson against OU/Baylor winner, and Sugar would have LSU against who knows since other best teams are in SEC. Then the voters would choose based on results of games. Likely that all three unbeaten would win in routs trying to impress voters and probably result in a split poll.

Point is things have improved and we will get great playoff matchups and a worthy champ.


That would be interesting for sure...the pre BCS era would definitely be a Cluster

For the BCS era, I'd go with LSU vs. Clemson to finally penalize OSU for not having at least one Power 5 out of conference game.