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Reply to "College Football 2019"

billhike posted:
patespo1 posted:
thistlintom posted:

Even if you think OSU is the best team, you have to vote for LSU as #1 since they beat #3.

I'm a Buckeye fan, and yes I 100% agree with this statement.  LSU and OSU clearly are a cut above the rest, but LSU has a better resume. 

For all the haters, take a lesson from Maryland.  Apparently they were the ones to go to the NCAA about the Chase Young situation (he's from DC and was heavily recruited by Maryland).   OSU responds by hanging 73 on them.  Hope it was worth the bitterness.  

So like 45, you believe in punishment for whistleblowers? 

  Hopefully that is the first and last time anyone compares me to that pile of (insert shit emoji)