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Reply to "College Football 2019"

Weekend Summary

I watched a lot of football again due to a wise decision, and that was to stay home instead of going to Columbia for the Gator game. In the past, I would have gone despite the weather, but given my age and travel schedule, my dry home felt good. In that weather, I may have declined an invite to a top 20 golf course.

We start with the entertaining games:

UNC/Va Tech goes 6 OTS 43-41 Hokies. Who knew on the 5th OT it now comes down to one play at the 3 yd line for each team. Neither team wanted this one in OT.

Texas outlasts Kansas 50-48 in Austin.

Oregon edges Washington 35-31 and is not out of the playoff picture yet.

My apologies, somewhat, to Jim Harbaugh as his team came back from a 21 point hole to lose to Penn St 28-21. A dropped pass at the end may have forced OT.

Illinois pulls the upset of the da;y, knocking off Wisconsin on a walk off FG 24-23.

Wake beats FSU 24-22, to go 6-1. Wake should never beat FSU but I probably said that 7 years ago when it last occurred.

Now for the playoff contenders:

In what used to be a great rivalry, Alabama beat Tenn (3rd Sat and all that) 35-13, but this game was much closer than that. Tua left the game with the dreaded high ankle sprain (not his first) which could become a problem in three weeks.

They were revved up in Stark-Vegas as Miss St scored to make it 9-7 against LSU. Never mind, as LSU and Heisman favorite Joe Burrow cruised to a 36-13 win.

Ohio St easily beat Northwestern. Clemson is sleepwalking through their schedule, and after a slow start, won easily at Louisville. OU had little trouble with WV.

In the rains of TS Nestor, Georgia had a scoreless tie with Kentucky at the half. The Dawgs did not run a play in Ky territory in that half while the Cats had zero yds passing. Georgia got it together in the 2nd half to win 21-0. Finally, the Gators faced a charged up Gamecock fan base after a brutal two game run. While benefiting from a few calls, the Gators finally got the lead in the 4th quarter and won 38-27. The Cocktail Party game in Jax is in two weeks and is now an even game (would have never thought that earlier this year).

Oh yeah, Minnesota, SMU and Baylor are all unbeaten. To me, Ohio St and LSU are the best two teams thus far.