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Reply to "College Football 2019"

scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

Back home from many trips with no family functions, just a day to watch football. And it was a day of many games as the season is finally heating up.

We start between the hedges in Athens where a lackluster SC team visited them Dawgs. The Gamecocks just flat out were more physical than Georgia which made up for the talent disparity. SC shut down Georgia's running game, made QB Jake Fromm toss it more than usual. SC was holding on dearly to its 17-10 halftime( with its 3rd QB) lead late when Ga tied it (after a BS def hold on a 4th down play) sending it to OT. After a Ga WR muffed a pass for an SC int, the Gamecocks missed a 33 yd FG resulting in DOT. Carolina settled for a FG, stopped Ga and their trusty kicker, who also missed a big one last year in the SEC Title game, pulled it left giving Will Muschamp a 20-17 upset win. No one does less with more talent than Kirby Smart.

The other noon game was the Red River game in Dallas between OU and Texas. The game was a defensive struggle early before the scoring heated up. OU was generally in control of this game throughout and prevailed 34-27. The Sooners are much better on defense, more balanced on offense and now have a clear path to the playoff. As noted before, they have just enough defense to compete with the big boys.   

The 3:30 window had Alabama going to Kyle Field to play A&M. After a tight first quarter, the Tide did their thing, tossing it around to their all world receivers for big scores. The final was 47-28 which is about the margin Clemson beat A&M. We will find out about Bama in Nov.  when they play LSU and Auburn. Speaking of Clemson, they hosted FSU in Upstate SC. In what used to be a great rival game, these programs have gone in complete different paths. The Tigers jumped out to an easy 42-0 lead, Trevor Lawrence looking better, for a 45-14 win. Dabo was no doubt on his team after the close NC win as he knows where he has to be for the playoff. He always builds them for that task, but he knows he may have to be undefeated, due to his weak schedule, to get there

Finally, at night the big one in Red Stick before a crazed Cajun crowd. I know Penn St beat Iowa 17-12 and ND edged USC 30-27 (in what used to be a huge game) but obviously I did not watch a play of either. The experts all said LSU would win easily and the final result showed that, but it was a much more competitive game than that. This well played game was back and forth, with LSU striking quickly for their scores while the Gators methodically drove it down the field for theirs. The game was 21 all at the half and 28-28 in the 4th quarter before LSU got two more for the 42-28 win. Florida needed to play a perfect game to win in this stadium, and they gave it a shot, but LSU is the better team. In fact, they are really, really good. They have a Saints off cood who has them playing like the Saints. QB Joe Burrow is making NFL reads and throws, and is in the Heisman race.

.All in all, a good day of football and I was happy to watch it.

The ACC has only 1 team currently ranked in the top 25. Wow!