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Reply to "College Football 2019"

scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

Sorry for the late post but I traveled to the game and have been watching baseball as well. I do not write about it much, but I love baseball and am a fanatical Braves fan.

I go down to Gainesville about once a year, but as I attended the game with my son I reflected upon the beauty of CFB and being able to go to games since 1965 (Gators since 1977). The emotions of seeing old friends and experiencing the gameday traditions are a beautiful constant in life. The Swamp was as alive as I ever remembered it, and singing "I Won't Back Down" with 90,000 people was awesome. Ok, enough of the philosophy as many of you are rolling your eyes now.

Auburn came into Gainesville confident, well earned, for a clash with Florida. The loud crowd no doubt had an adverse effect upon frosh prodigy QB Bo Nix who may not have been ready for the moment. Or perhaps, the physical Gator defense shutting down the run was probably more of a factor. It was a very strange first half, error prone, with the Gators leading 17-13. The 3rd quarter turned into an old fashioned SEC field position slugfest, and you pretty much knew one big play would decide it. Much maligned (by his own fans) senior RB Lamichael Perine then dashed 88 yds down the sideline to clinch it 24-13. It was sweet justice for Perine, an Alabama native and 3 star recruit deemed too slow to play at Auburn.

What we learned about the Gators is that despite their many flaws, they are physical, have a strong will to win and play great when it matters. While LSU and Georgia are daunting tasks, they are not as far fetched as previously believed. The Gators may not win, but they will be in both games in the second half.

Nothing else happened on the national scene as many teams had the week off. Everyone knows that the SEC has five legit teams (yes Florida is objectively in that group now), but the Big 10 also has three contenders in Ohio St, Penn St and Wisconsin. Oklahoma and Clemson have the easiest road to the playoff. Notre Dame is still not out of it. There are a lot of good teams this year. While boring to date, the season is about to ramp up when we get some head to head matchups.

Beer, you are correct. I can’t recall a more boring start to a season. 

Glad you all had a great game day. Post some pictures on IG.