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Reply to "College Football 2019"

thistlintom posted:
csm posted:

SC depends on the record of the conference champ I think.  Undefeated conference champ, I don’t think so. 1 los conference champ, possible, perhaps even likely.  

Clearly, we need an 8 team playoff. 


+1, firmly in the 8 team playoff camp.

The two biggest questions for OSU coming into the season were Fields and new HC Ryan Day.  So far both proving they're worth the hype.  This is Ohio St's best receiving core maybe ever, and will get even better next year when Julian Fleming (#1 receiver in the nation) joins the team.  Paired with true freshman Garrett Wilson, they'll put on a show. 

Buckeyes need to avoid the mid season stumble they've had the last few years, but Ryan Day so far has not let the foot off of the gas.  

Meanwhile, Xichigan fans are celebrating a shutout win over perennial loser Rutgers...