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Reply to "College Football 2019"

scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

Yes, watching an iconic band sing their iconic song is as good as it gets. Dream On is a special song for sure.

Usually a theme is obvious every week but I am struggling to find one. Despite some nice intersectional games, the season has gone as expected, chalk per se. While it may have always been that way, the recruiting advantage of a few schools has made it where the same teams are on top. This is even though my team, the Gators, are 5-0 and in the top ten, but I am not booking any rooms in Atlanta or in the playoff cities.

We almost got that major upset yesterday. Clemson visited Chapel Hill, a place where they have never won a basketball game ever (look it up) to face a 28 point underdog. Kenan Stadium is a beautiful venue, set beneath the Carolina pines, and Mack Brown is making it relevant again. The Tar Heels scored on the first possession and had it tied 14 all at the half. After failing to convert a 4th and one at midfield, Trevor Lawrence hit Tee Higgins for the score for a 7 point lead. NC then made a long inexorable march of 8 minutes down the field, converting maybe two 4th downs, to score with about a minute left. I told my son at the five minute mark that Mack would go for two, he did, but did not make it. I applaud him for playing to win. Clemson survived 21-20 for a 20 game winning streak (soon to be a lot more), but may move down in the polls.

Ohio St is really good. Gameday was in Lincoln trying to remind us of the glory days of Cornhusker football, but not yesterday. Transfer QB and former #1 recruit Justin Fields has the Buckeye offense in full throttle mode in an easy win. How Fields got a waiver to play this year is a mystery (some guy calls him a name from the stands), but OSU is thankful. Oklahoma is also good piling up points on Texas Tech. The other big name transfer QB, Jalen Hurts (who graduated at Bama so no questions here) is merely fulfilling the Lincoln Riley formula. Both of these QBs payed in the SEC Title Game last year so the irony of them meeting in a playoff game elsewhere is noted.

These are the teams most likely to make the playoff outside the SEC. Maybe Notre Dame (better than you think), Wisconsin, Iowa or Penn State are the exceptions. The top half of the SEC is loaded. Bama is Bama except they are all offense with Tua tossing it to his multiple "frisbee catching dogs" (Mark Packer phrase) for loads of points. LSU can now score as well. Remember the 9-6 Bama-LSU game in 2011. Well, this year is may be 63-60 as times have changed. Then you have Georgia playing the traditional game of big line, ball control and timely passing. Finally, Auburn has found a running game and a gutsy frosh QB and they may actually win the SEC West. I am going to the game in Gainesville next week to watch a rivalry that never should have gone away. Florida/Auburn games are some of the best games of my lifetime.


As always, thanks for the fine post.

I’m surprised there has not been more debate/ discussion about Fields being a better QB than Fromm.