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greendrazi posted:
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Weekend Summary

Always good to hear from my biggest booster, making me appear better than I really am. Sorry for the tardiness, but a round of golf and a bit of boredom is in play here.

It was an extremely uneventful weekend, even for this crazy game. My two teams were involved with two of the most compelling games. On Friday night, Mack Brown brought his improved Tar Heels to Winston-Salem to face another 2-0 team in Wake Forest. The Deacs ran out to a 21 point lead before hanging on for a six point win (although NC probably should have been granted a final play). Do not laugh, but Wake has a chance at a 9 or 10 win season providing their depth does not do them in. The Gators visited the bluegrass to face a Kentucky team which broke a 31 year streak last year. The Wildcats dominated both lines of scrimmage to gain a 21-10 lead, and then injured Florida QB Feleipe Franks (out for year and maybe more) on a 4th down play. The Gators then stuffed a 4th down play of their own and sent out career backup Kyle Trask who proceeded to lead two TD drives for a 1 point lead. The Cats drove down but missed a chip shot FG (Gators then got a tack on TD) to give Florida its second win that was improbable.

As for the national scene, the only ranked teams to lose were Maryland (come on man its Temple), Michigan State and So Cal. The top teams cruised although SCar played Alabama surprisingly close in the first half (typical Muschamp team making dumb errors). Bama can throw to those four racehorse WRs, but their lack of running game makes then vulnerable.

The SEC has 5 of the top 9 teams, making their champ likely to have a loss but still making the playoff. Clemson and Oklahoma look to have clear paths to the playoff (OU surely beats Texas this year). Ohio State is the class of the Big Ten. While the Pac 12 has 6 ranked teams, Utah is the highest ranked at 10 and most are in the lower half. The wildcard is always Notre Dame, and they travel "tween the hedges" next week to face Georgia, so we get read on those two teams. I think there are two other contests with both teams ranked, maybe in the SEC. The focus will become a bit clearer, and remember that the upset weekend will occur when we least expect it.




So is Kyle Trask an upgrade or downgrade?  

He can't really completely run Mullin's offense, but he's a better pure passer than Franks.  With the Gators' being unable to run the ball thus far this season, he might actually help...but I also expect to see Emory Jones more this year as well, which opens up Mullen's entire playbook