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Reply to "College Football 2019"

Weekend Summary

It was week one, but it felt like mid-season, playing golf, cooking steaks, drinking beer/White Claw/wine and watching college football with my son.

We got a classic to start the season in Jerry World. Oregon came out fast grabbing a lead on Auburn and definitely left precious points on the table early. These Ducks are different and I think that they will be a force going forward, solid team. However, the perpetual roller coaster that is Gus Bus ball rallied for a last second wind. Frosh QB Bo Nix played like one, but he never quit and delivered two great passes when it counted, something very hard to teach. As one of my favorite bloggers said "Auburn kept punching the ATM machine and money finally came out".

At the top, it looks like business as usual. Clemson, Georgia, Bama and Ohio St all won easily. I still think Clemson and Georgia are the best. Bama had trouble running the ball on Duke on short yardage and they lost their best LB, Dylan Moses, for the season. Georgia transfer Justin Fields lit it up for Ohio St.

Let's call this hot seat central:

Charlie Strong - South Florida gets rolled by Wisconsin 49-0 in Tampa. Good man but it seems to be falling apart.

Willie Taggart - FSU starts strong then collapses for a crushing loss. Please keep him.

Will Muschamp - always plays not to lose and then always loses. Great defensive assistant but not a head coach. Although Mack Brown is back making NC respectable, he still made his usual dumb decision taking a knee with time still on the clock.

Matt Luke - Ole Miss loses to a good Memphis team but he was a compromise choice.

Chip Kelly - UCLA losing and offense is boring. Bad fit and thankfully Gators did not hire him.

Jeremy Pruitt - loses to 2-10 Ga State in Neyland getting dominated on both lines. Could be another Muschamp, good defensive coach not fit for head job.

The question is, which of these school presidents will hold their nose, sell their soul, and hire Hugh Freeze (who coached from a hospital bed yesterday).