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College Football 2019

I do not know if many of the old participants are still out there, but hopefully we can draw them back for our usual passionate discussion of college football. Quoting my new favorite singer Luke Combs "if you are not fired up for football season then something is wrong with you". He also has a line in a song that "like diamond rings and football teams have torn this boy apart". It is an emotional sport for sure.

Unfortunately for fans of other teams, the same three schools are at the top, primarily due to their huge recruiting hauls. Clemson, Alabama and Georgia simply have rosters above everyone else. I look for two of these three to play for it all again next January.

There are intriguing stories elsewhere who could rise to playoff status:

Oklahoma - Lincoln Riley has another senior transfer QB in Jalen Hurts (Bama). Remember that Riley has coached the last two Heisman winners in Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, both transfers. If Hurts rises to this level of play, the Sooners will be in the playoff.

Ohio State - the Buckeyes have former #1 recruit QB Justin Fields from Georgia, but he is not a proven commodity to date. They still have talent, but it remains to be seen if Ryan Day can coach at a high level.

Michigan - Jim Harbaugh pretty much better beat Ohio St this year or the Wolverine fan base will be on him. While he also has a nice roster, I do not get the pre-season love for this team.

LSU - transfer QB Joe Burrow (seeing a trend here) is in his second year, and the Bengal Tigers are sensing a big year. However, their schedule is brutal and they still have Coach O at the helm. Wild card team here.

Florida - the Gators still have not obtained an elite roster (very good but far from great) and lost too many key recruits in the offseason. However, Dan Mullen is using the transfer portal well so there is a shot. Their season's result is simple, can Felipe Franks play like he did at the end of last year, or improve, and will the young OL produce. If so, they can have a good year.

Oregon - the Ducks are emerging as a recruiting power and the Pac 12 needs a playoff team desperately. It may come down to senior QB Justin Herbert. Their first game against Auburn (the ultimate wild card team every year) will tell us a lot.

Finally, prayers granted for Texas A&M and South Carolina. Both have Alabama, Georgia and Clemson on their schedule.  



















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