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Reply to "College Football 2018"

scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

We may have seen it yesterday, the best game of the year between the two best teams (Clemson may argue here). Alabama and Georgia played the sequel to the Title Game last year in the same building with a similar result, with an ironic twist. Georgia HC Kirby Smart came out with a great game plan on both sides of the ball, have Jake Fromm pick apart the defense on perimeter throws ala Deshaun Watson while Georgia rushed three guys and confused Tua's decision making. It worked great for three quarters with the Dawgs up 28-14, but a missed short FG by a reliable kicker gave the Tide a chance. Tua battled two sprained ankles and finally had to leave the game down 28-21. Enter Jalen Hurts, a former SEC player of the year and 26-2 as a starter, who then completed a 3rd and 10 the Jerry Juedy to tie it at 28.

Then came an epic dumb call, ranked up there with any example you can recall, a fake punt at midfield on 4th and 11. Georgia inserted last year's #1 recruit, QB Justin Fields as the up man to run a fake which fooled no one except maybe the man who called it. Bama was in punt safe and no one ever fools Nick Saban. Smart had inserted Fields throughout the game on selected first downs, obviously to keep him from transferring since Jake Fromm is the clear starter, and it made no sense. Alabama stopped the ill advised play, took the ball down the field to score on a Hurts run for the 35-28 win. It was clear Bama was tight (DJ tight in a major championship) and not playing well while Georgia was playing well, so the Dawgs blew this one.

As for the other games, OU got revenge on Texas 39-27 in a very good game. Kyler Murray may have won the Heisman with his great performance yesterday. Clemson did the expected on Pitt 42-10, no worries there. Ohio St beat Northwestern, but may have needed to win by 50 (we will see). UCF came from way down to beat Memphis.

As for the playoff, it is both simple and complicated. The simple part is the best four teams are Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and whoever you pick from ND, OU or Ohio St. The complicated part is the accomplishments which may exclude Georgia (who as a Gator I do not want winning) and then set up a debate between OU and Ohio St. If Georgia is left out, then the four best teams argument is laid to rest. I did not look at my first post this year, but I think I said that Bama, Clemson and Georgia were the three best then. After the regular season, I still believe that.    

Beerman, if the 4 best are truly picked, then it would be IMO as follows;



Notre Dame


There is no way they will let Georgia play Alabama again IMO, there is no way ND drops to number 4 IMO, so I’m afraid Georgia gets screwed. 

As I, you and many have said all year. It appears there is Alabama, then Clemson and Georgia, then a drop off to ND, OU and Ohio St. I just can’t overlook Ohio St. losing by 29 to a 6 win Purdue, so they are out IMO.