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Reply to "College Football 2018"

I've been saying all year FSU's oline is the worst in the power five. I was waaaaay underselling it. Probably one of the worst in FBS. Here are the Pro Football Focus grades for FSU's lineman.

Out of 836 linemen in the country who played at least 20 percent of their team's snaps, FSU had:

No. 836 (J. Williams)
No. 827 (Scott)
No. 791 (A. Williams)
No. 750 (Kelly)
No. 547 (Arnold)
No. 542 (Eberle)
No. 429 (Minshew)

NOTE: Abdul Bello would have been ranked No. 835 on this list but he didn't play quite enough snaps to qualify.

Our best lineman isn't in the top half of the country. You just cant run an offense like that.