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Reply to "College Football 2018"

scbeerman posted:

The silly season has started. Mack Brown returning to UNC, probably to stabilize the program. He will out together a nice staff and recruit well.

The big rumor out there is that the Gus Bus could be out at Auburn. Reports, mind you social media and message boards, are on fire that the $32 million buyout is no problem but that they are waiting on a big name coach to agree to even sillier money.

RE: Auburn

Silly indeed, see what Thistlintom said.

As to the rumours, the always reliable <rolls eyes> said that “people representing Auburn” met with the retired Bob Stoops, to which he replied to USAToday:

“I didn’t know Auburn had a job open. I haven’t talked to anybody from Auburn. I haven’t met with anybody from Auburn, nor am I set to anybody. It’s just foolish speculation that just is thrown out there that has no basis to it.

This is ridiculous. You people are listening to stuff that just isn’t there. There’s a bunch of people that are totally clueless and just make up news.”