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Reply to "College Football 2018"

scbeerman posted:

Weekend Summary

It was rivalry week, but the only real excitement came from the newer rivalries. Texas A&M outlasted (literally) LSU in an instant classic 74-72 in the fifth FBS game that went to 7 OTs. This was the most points ever scored in an FBS game, a game in which a few calls prolonged the game. All you need to know if that LSU's Coach O got a Gatorade bath when the Tigers thought they had won before a call was reversed, and then his shirt was dry before the game ended. It was a nine lives game for sure for the Aggies. OU again outscored a Big 12 foe 59-56 against West Virginia and gets to avenge Texas in the Big 12 Title Game.

Some things never change in a cruel way, Lucy always pulling the football from Charlie, and Jim Harbaugh attempting to beat Urban Meyer. In a shocking fashion, the Buckeyes blasted the Michigan defense, the previously top ranked defense, 62-39. This was Michigan's chance and they blew it, no other way to put it.

To the top now, the Iron Bowl was interesting for a bit with a 17-14 halftime score. Alabama then did what they always do, score and score often to win going away 52-21. The main question answered here was that Tua Tagovailoa was running and looked to be healthy. Alabama set a school record for points scored and won every game by at least 20 points, a feat only accomplished by Yale in 1888. South Carolina exposed Clemson's pass defense a bit, but the Cocks could not stop Clemson in a 56-35 game. My man Hunter Renfrow played his record final game for WRs and played his usual heady game (please draft him Panthers). Washington snuffed out the small Pac 12 chances for the playoff by beating Wazzou and the pirate. 

As for the Florida Gators, I was thinking of cute things to say, but the best I have is that I am grateful to stop the streak and for a solid 9-3 season. The Gators had to beat the worst coached FSU team in an least 40 years, and fortunately they did 41-14. It is always said that this game helps in recruiting so that is what I am looking for here.

Good regular season and we can discuss playoff scenarios later.




Congrats on the win. I haven’t seen any of those “number of days since ...” posts in awhile.