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Reply to "College Football 2018"

Weekend Summary

The upsets all occurred below top ten teams -

ODU over Va Tech - beyond embarrassing for the ACC

Kentucky smokes Miss St 28-7 - the Cats may be better than we think and the Gators loss, although bad, not as bad as we thought

Texas Tech over Ok St

Texas over  TCU - good win for Tom Herman

Purdue over BC - Boilers were 0-3 by 8 total points so they were due.

Alabama rolled the Aggies 45-23 and they let up in the 4th Q. A&M actually stopped the Tide running game early but with Tua Bama can now toss it. Georgia had a bit more trouble with Mizzou but still won by 14. Clemson usually has trouble with Ga Tech in the Atl, but not this time. Ohio St just crushed Tulane. OU had to go to OT to beat Army.

Captain Khaki, Mr Harbaugh, opened up a can on Scott Frost and Nebraska, routing them bigtime. The jury may be out on Frost.

Finally, while the Gators have work to do, crushing Tenn in Neyland felt great. The Vols are pathetic, but it is actually fun watching the Gators again.