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Reply to "College Basketball 2017-18"

Originally posted by billhike:
Originally posted by irwin:
The UMBC team (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) made the dance, and play Virginia in the opening round. Don't expect an upset here.

UMBC has a total enrollment of about 11,000 undergrads. The freshman class this past year is over 50% minority.
Typically, the UMBC chess team wins national championships, the swimming and diving team does as well. UMBC is the nation’s #1 producer of African American undergraduates who go on to complete MD/PhDs.
The faculty has won lots of awards and grants.

They can't possibly beat Virginia though.

Good morning, Irwin.

Yeah, I nailed that one! Tied at the half, and then blew out Virginia in the 2nd half by 20.
74 points is the most Virginia gave up all year. 2 months ago, UMBC lost a game to Albany by 44 points.
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