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Reply to "Closet Storage vs Inexpensive Wine Cellar (And rating question)"

Originally posted by Mr. Full Bodied:
Just adding my two cents:

I recently purchased a cellar and had initially thought about a thermoelectric model. In talking to a wine vendor, he did not favor the thermoelectric system because they are prone to breaking down in 5-6 years. Additionally, there may be a limit as to how cold the unit can get in relation to the ambient temperature of your home. My home can get quite warm. 80+ degrees. I believe the Franklin Chef model states that it can cool to 18 degrees below ambinet temperature. Doing the math, I can't get to 55 degrees.

So I did the unthinkable...I purchased a real cellar that is temperature and humidity controlled. It set me back quite a bit...but if I'm going to collect seriously I wanted a unit that was going to last for say 20 years and provide an optimal environemnt to age wine. The cellar I bought also does not have a compressor but operates on the principal of liquid heat exchange using an ammonia solution. SO there is no noise or vibration.

Fortunately for me, I only drink reds...So, sticking to 60-degrees is not an issue. My apartment sits at around 75-degrees and the wine cooler is sitting at 60-degrees every time I check it and I have it turned way down from the max. *shrugs*

I'd be curious to know more about what you ended up getting and what is out there that is compressorless and has more storage capacity, etc.