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Upon further digging in the LCBO api product database, these are the cspcs for ex voto (not all will come up in a search of the LCBO site).  I was looking only for the one they had in the pdf.



393363E. Guigal Ex Voto Ermitage 2013510.0012/7/2017
54148E. Guigal Ex-Voto Ermitage Blanc 2013305.003/1/2018
181859E. Guigal Ex-Voto Ermitage Blanc 2007125.25 
54130E. Guigal Ex-Voto Ermitage 2006231.25 
125567E. Guigal Ex Voto Hermitage Blanc 201369.003/16/2017

That $69 price sticks out like a sore thumb.  It says it was released on March 16th which wasn't a Classics or bimonthly Vintages release date.  Maybe it was  a special Guigal offering... whatever it was, there's a duplicate of it in cspc 54148, so I think whoever was compiling the Feb 2019 list picked the wrong cspc number and we'll see it ultimately offered for $305+ price increase, so probably in the $320-$350 range.  Here's the snapshot from the March 2018 Classics for the 2013:

If it rolls through on release date without a price correction, I think we all know what to do...


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