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Originally posted by daedene:
GregT - it is is surprisingly hard to get people who are willing to settle down and really learn about the wine as opposed to just drink/taste it.
Thanks for these great additional suggestions. I have been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to find diverse, affordable wines from shops in the Phoenix area. Also, I'm going wine tasting in Oregon in a couple weeks so I am really looking forward to that! I love learning about wine, but you are absolutely right that just enjoying a glass in good company is wonderful too. You can't go wrong when you have a glass of good wine! Smile

u can casually drop ways of learning about a wine during meet ups for drinking.

a simply question like "oh this wine is fantastic, <look to someone else> what do you think?" or you can prod with the power of suggestion "I taste blueberries in this <look to another person> what do you think?"

it's a good way to feel out who might be interested vs "I drink anything with ethanol in it" crowd.

Self study is acutally not that bad.

i'd pick up a bunch of bottles like gregt mentioned.

try to see if you can pick out tastes yourself, then when you have a group together, play a "guess the bottle game" or even something along the lines of brown bagging all of the wines and asking your friends to humor you. It might start a blind tasting club if they get into it.