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Reply to "Calling All Zins!"

Wow! Neat to see a lot of people having the same tastes in the same producers: Martinelli, Rafanelli, Rosenblum, etc.

Some Zins that we like:

2000 Cedarville Sierra Foothills
1999 Meeker Four Kings
1998 Pezzi-King Old Vine
1999 Quivira Tambellini Vineyard
1999 Signorello Luvisi Vineyard (quite nice!)
2000 Villa Toscano Fox Creek (also have a Shenandoah Valley)
1997 Zahtila Napa Valley Estate
1999 Zahtila Sonoma County Old Vine

The nice thing about Zahtila is that they specialize in Zins. They are coming out with a Cabernet Sauvignon in the very near future. In fact their release party is July 20th and they'll release the 2000s and their Cab at that time.