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Reply to "Calling All Zins!"

My personal experience is that most zins start fading (some faster than others) around their 5th b-day so I caution you about cellaring 'long-term'. That being said, my favorite zins have been:

'99 Rancho Zabaco Chiotti Vnyd. - $18
'97-'99 Cline Contra Costa County Ancient Vines, Bridgehead, and Big Break Vnyds. - $18-27
'97 St. Francis Old Vine -$24
'97 Ridge Paso Robles Late Picked - $28
'96 Ridge Lytton Springs - $26
'95 Villa Mt. Eden Grand Reserve - $17
'98 Renwood 'Jackrabbit Flat' Zin - $28
'97 Coppola Edizione Pennino Zin - $39 (excellent stuff!)
'99 Jewel Zinfandel - Lodi $10
'97 V. Sattui Howell Mtn. Zinfandel - $24

I've not had any Turley or Martinelli, but from what I read herein they produce excellent juice!

BTW - If you like Zin you might also try Petite Syrah. Very Zin like (by some producers) and more ageworthy (again, by some producers).

Forgot to add: '99 Frog's Leap Zin is wonderful, and just about any of the vineyard-specific bottlings from Renwood.

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