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Fut nailed it.  The reason the bottle counts are so low is that the higher ups get their "samples" and the rest of us plebs get the table scraps.  

Is it that, or is it Agents holding back bottles?  When I see odd numbers of new releases available, i.e. that are not in multiples of standard case sizes of 6 or 12, I figure something is going on one way or the other.  If there are 21 bottles of something on offer, what's the deal?  Three bottles had to undergo 'testing' by the lcbo, or the agent only released 21 to the LCBO?

Lab eats some, could be samples for the agent for licensees, could be breakage also. Could require a second sample bottle depending on what happened with the first.

And on something like this, it's generally not the agent "releasing" bottles to the LCBO, it's the other way around.

Oh, and what CSM said on top of that.

Well as long as all of those things align so that consumers get as few scraps as possible, I'll be reminded of my place in the Ontario wine world...