Reply to "Big D! Series Episode Four: mattach does Big D!"


Thanks for the tasting notes and thanks to all for bringing nice wine.

A couple of thoughts on a few of the wines...

The Nigl GV, I think this wine will show even better in 2-3 years. I have often found Nigl to show well with more age.

The '01 Leonetti. This wine only continues to keep me guessing about how long to "hold" Leonetti. In the past, I always held my Leonetti for 7-10 years brfore drinking. Of late, I have found the wines showing better young than with age Confused
This wine did show well and based on how it was drinking, I would drink over the next 5 years.

The '88 Pichon. I was glad to see this classic drinking this well. I will be pulling more corks of my '88's to see how others are showing.

'93 Beringer... This wine is reaching its peak, but no need to rush. Glad to have tasted, now will hold mine until next year Big Grin

Very nice tasting. Not one wine that did not have something to offer... and not one corked wine all night!

Mattach, glad you came to town Smile