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Reply to "Best youtube video you can find (or have on your favourite's list)"

Originally posted by Board-O:
Originally posted by Gundam:
Trunk Monkey is too brilliant, ROFL !!

justme easily wins

To Board-O
I admit those clips were for a younger group audience.

No, they were for children or idiots.

It is regretful if you didn't appreciate the sense of humor in them.

There was no humor in them.

Here and here are something from your generation, hope will be more to your liking.

Actually, they're from far before my generation, but I appreciate the defensive exaggeration. Now go read a comic book.

While I am not offended, I do not understand why you seem so bitter about this, and just about 9000 other things. Every time you are in an argument with others, you breakup others' reply phrase by phrase, highlight and shoot them down point by point to try to discredit the person in an attempt to justify yourself.

This is just an entertainment thread, does it hurt you not being so bitter all the time ?