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Reply to "Best of BC Update"

Originally posted by on the wine:
what wines are worth seeking out in BC.

My list is fairly short:

2009 Thornhaven Gewurztraminer
2009 Wild Goose Gewusztraminer Mystic River
2009 Tantalus Riesling
2008 Tantalus Riesling Old Vines
2008 Quail's Gate Pinot Noir Stewart Family Reserve

Those are the only wines that I would go out of my way to seek out personally (other than ice wines).

Burrowing Owl Syrah and Cab Franc are very good, as are Poplar Grove Cab Franc and 2009 Camelot Gewurtraminer. I'm disillusioned with Blue Mountain other than the Striped Label Pinot Noir. I have not tried it, but I understand Tantalus made a very nice sparkling wine in 2010, and some private stores may still have it. That's my C2ยข worth.