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Reply to "Best beers for Super Bowl party or whatever?"

Originally posted by vinole:
Since there is a thread on whether wine is appropriate for football parties, let's talk about what are the best beers out there. My favorites are Negro Modelo, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Pilsner Urquell.

Well, you've got two of my most favorites down, Negra Modelo (best beer in Mexico IMO), and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Others I'd add to the short list (well, the long list):
Downtown Brown by Lost Coast Brewery (No. Cal)
Pete's Wicked Ale (readily available)
Shiner Bock (hard to find outside The South, but stupid good)
Anchor Steam Liberty Ale (readily available)
Pacifico (if you want clean and crisp)
Empyrean Vanilla Porter (from Nebr., for those tiring of Stout)
Anything from Anderson Valley Brewing Co.
And, good old Sam Adams (readily available)